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The fascination "less is more" inspires us to produce one of the lightest titanium exhaust systems on the market.
The material titanium offers many possibilities to minimize the weight of the vehicle through an exhaust system and therefore to increase its performance. With our Peregrine Titanium exhaust systems, we transfer the fascination of motorsport onto the road.

All of our titanium exhausts are checked extensively on a racetrack, dyno-meter and German Autobahn before its final release for main production and essentially to our customers.
All our titanium exhaust systems are hand-built in Germany with the most advanced CAD technique.
Our focus on top performance, durability, great sound and lightweight translates into a unique exhaust which will transform your car into a street machine.

With a specific weight of 4.51 grams per cubic centimetre, titanium is nearly half the weight of steel. In addition titanium forms in contact with air an extremely stable oxide protective layer, which makes the exhaust resistant to corrosion.

Customers have the choice of titanium or carbon fibre exhaust tailpipes.

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